Were quality and temperament counts.

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We are located in Decatur Indiana. A small town with lots of heart,we love German

shepherds, all colors and sizes, We really like the white colored German shepherds

best,guess everyone has their favorites,ours are whites. We started raising shepherds

about 19 years ago and have loved them since. We had our first German shepherd

about 20 years ago and we just love their temperaments,size ,looks and loyal


It seems a good shepherd will do anything for its family. We have 5 shepherds,4

breeding females and 1 breeding male. Our shepherds are AKC and UKC registered.

Our dogs love playing fetch, going for walks, playing in the park and running in the

country side.and gaurd our home.They love to chase bunnies,birds and they always

come when called, we breed lower drive shepherds more family protection and show

drives,some of our pups has went for k9 training,and companion dogs. Their all just

great with huge hearts, great intelligence,great temperaments,sound

structure,courage,willingness to please and companion dogs,family protection,

search and rescue.We have some dogs that are K9 officers,narcotics training,

therapy dogs,Champion UKC Conformation.







Here at BAUGHMAN GERMAN SHEPHERDS.We offer quality puppies of beautiful

colors from healthy,obedient dogs with great temperaments, intelligence,loyal

companionship, solid bones,happy dogs and willingness to learn .


  IMPORTANT.for the healthy puppy.


A cheap dog food is very bad for bones,health and immune systems. Any puppy like humans can

develop unforeseen  problems, but if you give them the rite diet, exercise,vet care, worming

program and healthy food they can  live long and healthy lives.The cheaper brand dog foods

have little if  no nutrition. Hip dysphasia and other health problems can occur from a poor

diet and poor care of your dog or puppy.Remember regular check ups are important to your

growing pup to keep them healthy and happy.






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