Were quality and temperament counts.


Guarantee will cover only sicknesses and disease caused by a genetic disorder.Puppies must be on large breed puppy food,a good bran of food,Proof of feeding them large breed food,Prove of genetic disorder must be in writing written buy a licensed veterinary and permission must be given to contact them for information.Guarantee only promises to replace said puppy with another one when one is available,same sex,no money will be given,proof must also be given that said puppy in question has been humanly euthanize if needed or spayed/neutered.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Puppies get in to a lot of stuff so always get there stool checked for parasites and go to your veterinary for heartworm and other needs.

Guarantee does not cover parasites of any kind and must take your pup to a veterinary with in 2 days.  

Deposits are nonrefundable,so make shore this is what you want.

So make shore you really want a puppy before buying one. Talk to your vet,friends,family,read books and try to learn about a puppy BEFORE YOU GET ONE. if you have never had one for they are like a child and have a lot of needs and need to learn. remember pups need to be picked up from 6 to 8 weeks old age unless other arrangements  made.

Remember STAYING happy,healthy and obedience as a puppy is from you, the buyer.


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